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How To Blog Comment For SEO Strategies

When it comes to your elusive blog post- it is vital to be able to drive as much traffic to your blog article as possible. The more traffic your blog articles gets- the more popular your blog site will become. In this article I will be sharing with you some top tips on how to leave a comment, how to comment on a blog post and fundamentally: a blog commenting strategy.

How To Blog Comment For SEO Strategies
How To Blog Comment For SEO Strategies

Before we dive too deep: It is vital to understand the importance of backlinks and the power of search traffic. If you haven’t already done so, please check here for the basics of Backlinks for Blog Post Strategy. This will give you a great understanding of blog posts and the basics of ranking in search engines strategies.

Your ‘How To Blog Comment For SEO’ Guide

When it comes to how to blog comment for SEO, it is important to find the best blog sites and articles to comment on. There are lots of factors to take on board to maximise your efforts in creating quality backlinks back to your own blog! Here is a list that will help you choose the best places to leave your comments:

  1. Ensure it is a popular blog within your niche
  2. Make sure the blog is a reputable blog
  3. Make sure the blog has a good page rank
  4. Make sure the blog article you comment on- is relevant to the content you direct a link to.

When it comes to the search engines, backlinks work best when the link directs the reader to other relevant content. It gives the user a better on-site experience. For example: A reader won’t be impressed if they are reading an article on “10 beat uses of white vinegar” and then click a link that leads them to an article about “How to sleep on a plane”. The leader will leave both sites disappointed.

Remember: Quality backlinks act like votes; the more votes your blog post has, the more popular your article will become. So find niche websites that are active, relevant and ‘add value’ to the end-user’s experience. Do not dismiss popular blog’s, become active and personable when leaving comments.

How To Find High Page Rank Blogs For Commenting

When it comes to time management; the internet is adorned with useful information and time saving software. It is worthwhile to take some time to help you when it comes to finding the perfect niche blog site to build some links from. However- please note: this guide is intended to promote White Hat SEO practices; and it is not intended to promote other SEO practices such as Black Hat Or Grey Hat SEO. There are numerous softwares that spin comments, randomly act as a machine to spin your backlinks from- please do NOT waste your time with this. The ethical approach is the best approach to building backlinks from blog commenting. Google, Yahoo and Bing are far to superior and can sniff our dodgy activity where it comes to SEO.

Drop My Link

This free online tool is amazing. All you have to do is sign-up for a free account and put in your focus keyword.

Once you have your keyword input it into the search bar and select the categories in which you want to use. It will present all of the best places for you to leave your comments. It is a good idea to get to know this bit of software and to utilise its many features. This will save you a lot of time when it comes to your own research.


When it comes to analytics- this tool is a firecracker when it comes to be able to see how well other blogs are doing. It works well with Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera. Once installed- you can keep check on page rank, backlinks, domain authority and age authority. The ability to check for do-follow and no-follow links- will also help you determine how your backlinks are doing; and more importantly, your backlinks!

Google Alerts 

Another useful tool is Google Alerts. This software by Google, allows you to receive instant notifications on your specific search term- which will enable you to comment on those blog posts instantly. This is extremely powerful if you are the first to comment. If the post becomes popular, your comment will be the first to be seen when it comes to that blog’s audience. A powerful tool for your own marketing strategy.

Comments To Post

Now you know how to research, find and measure the results of specific blogs; it is vital to be able to comment wisely! A bad comment could damage your reputation and more importantly; cause you more harm than good. Here is a quick breakdown of how to comment:

  1. Make sure you don’t spam
  2. Make sure you add value to the article when you leave a comment. The whole point of leaving a comment is to give the reader a better user experience, and to perhaps link back to other articles that may be of interest to them. Webmaster’s welcome valuable comments and will more likely approve them.
  3. Ask questions. Start a discussion!
  4. Leave a positive comment
  5. Ensure you leave a useful comment like: “Great article, I really appreciated learning about…, here is something I wrote on this matter, that I believe could be of interest to you!

Once you get going- you will become a pro at commenting on other people’s blog posts. Make sure, you set aside some time each week to keep promoting your blog posts through blog commenting. This is not a quick fix strategy- but with a bit of patience, perseverance and a little know-how, your efforts will pay off!

Please feel free to like, comment and share- I really would love to hear your views!


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