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7 Important SEO Rules for Ruling Online Search Results

Are SEO rules changing this year? A lot of web marketers, SEO professionals, and business owners want to know this. What do experts have to say about this?

Important SEO

They claim some changes in 2021 but fundamentals will remain the same. It will not be possible for people to take liberties with or game the system. Cut corners and shortcuts are not allowed. Search engine optimization is a complex affair. This takes a lot of time. With over hundreds of rules to followed for algorithm Google.

SEO in 2021 demands investing a lot of time and efforts to get real value. Any attempt to use shady tactics will make things worse.

A) Here’s what you need to understand and practice with SEO in 2018.Three Pillars of SEO:

1. Website Authority

This is associated to volume and quality of links formed over time. A website having more authority will be able to pass on more link juice. Authority can be easily analyzed using some advanced tools like SEMRush or MozBar. These tools utilize the following methods to quantify authority a domain is allowed to have:

  1. Domain Authority (DA)
  2. Domain Score (DS)

However, the score may not be real-time. Improvements or changes to SEO efforts will take several weeks or months to show results.

2. Content

If it is about ranking in the year 2018, website content plays a crucial part. It would not be wrong to say that the overall significance of content has increased intensely over time. Use of spinning content or software for generating inferior quality content won’t be tolerated any more.

Any content you add to your website should be of very high quality, unique, relevant and add value to the visitor. It should also be interesting enough to engage visitors. Such content is automatically shared by users and it will also get ranked better.

3. Understanding Indexed Age

What is indexed age? The term simply refers to the actual date that Google learnt about or discovered the website or content. You must focus on creating a great track record with content of domain and overall quality of links directing to that specific content. The process takes time to show results.

B) Here’s what you can expect with SEO and rules dominating the search results online this year:

1. Analyze Page Speed

It really helps to improve page speed if necessary. You can exploit Page Speed Insights by Google for determining areas of enhancement essential for your domain. Significant increase of speed on your site will dramatically improve potential visibility online. Some advanced tools such as Varvy, GTMetrix, and Pingdom may help in this respect.

This can be done by minimizing response time of server to requests, allowing compressions (GZip), optimization of images using optimizers such as, compress CSS, HTML, and JavaScript wherever possible, remove JavaScript and CSS that blocks render above site fold, and enhance page elements speed by leveraging browser caching.

2. Boost User Experience

Focus on creating the best user experience. This indicates that your website is easier to use, navigate, and search for. This is possible if you avoid using a lot of pop-ups, implement easy to use menu, avoid overloading site with graphics, use tags or categories to classify the content, employ super-fast site search, and use breadcrumbs for navigation.

3. CDN and DNS

You must focus on using CDNs (content-deliver networks) such as Cloudfront of Amazon to serve content to target audience as fast as possible. CDNs can mirror the content of website to spread it across various servers across the world. Thereafter, it will serve the content from the closest server to website visitor.

You must move DNS to a CloudFlare or configuration similar to it for favorable DNS propagation times.

4. Develop Super-Guides

These should be created with crystal clear calls-to action. Ungated super-guides will help. These are pieces of content or MVPs (massive value posts) which drive extensive engagement and shares to catapult a domain to its peak.

5. Don’t Lose Google’s Faith

Strictly avoid trying your hands at anything sneaky or deceptive. This means you need to avoid redirecting users or tricking Google by hiding content. Keep these tactics at bay or you’ll lose Google’s trust. Visitor to your website will also lose faith if you use these dubious tactics.

6. Social Media to Strengthen your Domain

Take help off social media. It is a powerful platform for creating viral content that links back to your domain. If you are successful in doing it right, the platform can drive a remarkable amount of user traffic to your site. You can exploit social media for building viral content (not business oriented) yet adds some value. This may be information, entertainment, or curiosity value.

7. Take Help from Influencers

It helps if you target influencers for getting assistance in pushing your website content. You can get this done through Facebook, Instagram or any other platform you prefer. The influencers out their can help supporting your cause.


Winning the first impression on search engine might seem to be a complex task to accomplish. It demands some research, accuracy, technical know-how and dedication. Practicing the above listed strategies will help you get desired results. Keeping tabs on changes in rules and adhering to them is also crucial.


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